Charitable Contributions Program

Chartable Contributions Program

In 2008, we realized that a vast portion of our new Realtor calls were based on referrals from other Realtors in the industry, who liked our services and told their colleagues. Since we don’t advertise, we count on referrals to grow our business.

We truly appreciate referrals from anyone who has used our services, so we began our Charitable Contribution Program. Each time a Realtor (that has not used us before) calls, and said they were referred to us by a Realtor who already does use our services, we donate $25.00 to the Referring Realtor/person’s favorite charity, in their name.

We do charitable contributions on a quarterly basis and in the last two years $5,000.00 has been contributed to charitable organizations in our local area. In addition to the many referral donations we facilitate each year to various organizations, one group that we focus on as a company is JOIN. They are a Portland based company that help homeless families get moved into rental properties and integrated into their communities. We support them directly with donations of supplies, serving food at their day center in Portland, and though our involvement with Rental Housing Alliance Oregon.