A.I.R. Program

“FREE to the Realtor, Buyer & Seller”

At least an $850 VALUE, sponsored by YOUR Partnership, At NO COST TO ANYONE!

For the Realtor, the Seller and the Buyer, we offer a new service, unavailable anywhere else – FREE OF CHARGE.

(In addition to our professional Roofing and Mold Remediation Services)

 A mutually beneficial opportunity that has fantastic marketing value for you.

“The A.I.R. Program”

All Inclusive Roofing

For the REALTOR:

Added value to your services on both sides of the sale – For your Buyer, Seller or Past Client
A lead generating system that continues at least 3 years after the sale
A partnership with the #1 Roof Inspection Team in the industry

For the BUYER:

Peace of Mind
Solutions to solve roofing issues now & in the future
Added $850.00 VALUE…at no charge to anyone

For the SELLER:

Facilitate the sale by solving future roofing concerns
Affordable, professional service & advice
A satisfied client

The A.I.R. Program, sponsored by YOU, in partnership with US, includes a detailed 100-point roof inspection for the Buyer (or your client) for 3 years (Your business card will be left with the Homeowner at each inspection visit.) The first year is launched with a $100.00 Gift Card ~ which may be used towards payment of moss treatment or gutter cleaning services!

*Call to arrange a quick 5 minute introduction to our AIR Program;
We take care of the paperwork and deliver your Partnership Certificate with a sample AIR Program booklet that you will be able to show your clients.
REAL ESTATE ROOFING ~ 503.284.5522

Download the sample Maintenance Booklet here.